The gut is called the second brain. Sayings like ‘listen to your guts,’ ‘it’s my gut feeling’ and ‘go with your guts’ all emerge from our ancient knowledge that our intestine has a bigger role to play in our lives, apart from digesting food.

 But we hear about them only when we have trouble in our tummy. The term gastritis covers any and all problems that cause inflammation in your stomach lining. Nausea, loss of appetite vomiting, burning of the upper abdomen are some of the symptoms of this condition.

If your gastritis is caused by an infection, your doctor may prescribe an antibiotics course to clean up the infection. After the course, add lots of probiotics like kefir and yoghurt to your diet to reline the intestine walls with healthy bacteria.

If you are constantly suffering from gastritis, it could be caused by your food habits.

Soy, eggs, sugar and gluten, dairy, yeast and corn are some of the food items that can trigger this condition in some people. By eliminating these items one at a time for a week, you can figure out which one is causing the long-term problem. Avoid drinking alcohol while you are running this test.

Once identified, you can gain control over your gut by completely removing the food item.

To improve your gut’s health, replace processed food with whole, raw and unprocessed food and add more fibre to your diet.

Taking prebiotic supplements, adding water kefir or milk kefir to your diet will also help replenish your gut lining. Fermented foods are rich in helpful bacteria and are great in helping rebuild your gut lining.

Add a lot of good fat to your diet. Avocados and cod liver oils are a great way to include healthy Omega 3 in your diet. These products help in improving your gut’s health