Virtual reality can make food taste better

Without a doubt virtual reality is changing how people see things. Video images come to life in animated 2D, 3D and other aspects. You also have 180 point of view and 360-degrees angles. All of them captured in stunning and visually captivating video imagery. Which is why the entire premise of whether or not virtual reality can make things taste better is so ironic. After all, visuals are not always connected to taste right?

Based on research being carried out by experts at Cornell University, it appears that is not the case. All of this is according to some food scientists. They have found that certain foods seem to taste better to people. More so when they are placed in virtual reality surroundings which are pleasant. One of the foods put to that test was cheese. In a study, participants were placed in different surroundings while wearing virtual reality headsets. Some were put in sensory booths which were gloomy and monotonous. Others were put in places which were visually enjoyable surroundings.

The respondents were then given the same kind of blue cheese samples to taste. Each and every time, the panelist who used virtual reality pleasant surroundings found the cheese to taste better. On the other hand, they discovered that those in drab places felt the cheese tasted bad or not as satisfying. All of this points to a connection found in our senses; particularly visual and taste. Our memories, ears and eyes can obtain sensory stimulation from our surroundings. Of course, this doesn’t mean that VR makes food taste better. What it means is that depending on where a person finds themselves, the food they eat may taste better or worse.


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It is precisely because of studies such as these that so much is riding on virtual reality technology. And why so many companies are investing a great deal of money in it. They see the potential behind virtual reality and what it can mean for their products, services and brands. Moreover, how virtual reality can end up altering and changing people’s views, thoughts, taste, feelings and perception of things. Especially if viewed through the prism of virtual reality.

Evidently, it is why the porn industry has been investing so much money into VR technology. In fact, virtual reality porno is at all times high. Many credit the adult industry with taking VR to the next level. Adult film production companies such as Badoink VR come to mind. They singlehandedly helped turn VR pornography into a fast-growing genre. The company spent years giving away free VR goggles to people to sample out VR porno. That work has paid off since they are now one of the most popular virtual reality adult sites in the world.

All of this helps paint a clear picture about how crucial to the future of our lives VR tech is. If it can make a person think that food taste better, imagine what it can do for our sex lives?

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