Understanding Why an Explainer Video Is Vital for Any Startup

Understanding Why an Explainer Video Is Vital for Any Startup

Starting an online business is a major step to seeing that a business taps on the vast client base online. However, most business people forget that here, there is also stiff competition from established entrepreneurs who are already operating here. Without proper marketing, one a starting business can fail to see the light of day. Running your business here calls for frequent marketing, and also practicing various marketing strategies to see that you become popular and compete with your competitors on a level playing field.

While social media marketing and SEO practices and the rest are effective, using explainer videos has also stood the test of times as an effective strategy that will see your site realize huge traffic, in just a short span. Most businesses are employing this technique as it has paid off big-time. Below are the reasons why explainer videos are vital to your small business online.

a)    Products and services are explained faster

You can have an appealing e-commerce store regarding fresh content and simple user interface, however, if you will not invest in perfectly explaining your products and services, all your efforts to attract visitors will prove futile. With nice explainer videos for your products and services, everything will be explained in a perfect pitch in seconds every time you upload one. What’s more, clients will find the videos are also fun and entertaining to watch, as compared to text.

b)    The message remains sticky

Harvard Business Review has it that online clients will only remember a paltry 20% of what they hear, 30% of what they see and a massive 70% what they both hear and see. Since explainer videos entail watching and seeing, the message conveyed will have a 70% chance of being stuck on the brain. The intended message can be conveyed emotionally, which moves the buyers emotionally, enabling them to build trust in your products and services as compared to text.

c)    Shareability

The fact that these videos can be shared on many free video hosting platforms like YouTube and whatnot makes the videos easy to be shared by clients seeking to buy your products and services. Within a short time, they can go viral, which is a plus for your e-commerce site. Every time they get shared, they drive awareness and popularity of the site in real-time. Within no time, you’re sure to realize huge sales and a boost in conversion rate.

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