What A Perfect Explainer Video for A Business Must Have

What A Perfect Explainer Video for A Business Must Have

With the current competition online by businesses, one needs to think outside the box for creative ways of staying on top of their competitors. Staying on top of your competitors means you reap most of the profits and available opportunities online as this is why everybody starts a business in the first place. You will see brands continuously investing huge chunks of cash and time in creating explainer videos to explain their brands to hungry, but impatient clients online hoping it will boost their conversion rate. Luckily most of these videos always work wonders in seeing that the business acquires new customers every time. While this may sound easy, the daunting task is making these videos, useful for your business. Nonetheless, the following article sheds light on what makes an explainer video work for the website.

1.    It must be short

An effective explainer video should be short as it is only supposed to highlight the services and possible products that your company offers. Research shows that online users usually have a short concentration span, thus with long videos, your viewers are more likely to switch off for lack of interest. The idea here is to find important details that are likely to hook your customers all along the two minutes’ video. When creating an explainer video, you need to bear in mind its 90 seconds maximum length.

2.    A strong script

A great explainer video must have a good script because it is from the script that the video will be created. Most established companies will most likely hire a competent scriptwriter to write a compelling, engaging but short script for the video. If you are unsure of your scriptwriting skills, ensure you do vast research on how to write one. When writing be sure you don’t rush your script’s creative brief. Most importantly ensure you remain classic and do not panic. Also, ensure that your script carries some humor in it. Funny videos are sticky and easily shared and tend going viral.

3.    Speaks to the target audience

Always have your audience in mind when creating these videos. Let them know that you understand their problems, and only you can solve them. Refrain from selling anything to your audience in the video, but instead, let them trust that you can solve the problem at hand. Also, desist from talking too much about your brand and overlooking your audience as this demeans them. A demeaned customer will often shy away from subscribing to your products and services, and this has a direct effect on your sales, conversion and overall marketing campaigns.

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