Killer Explainer Videos Do’s: Tips When Creating an Explainer Video

Killer Explainer Videos Do’s: Tips When Creating an Explainer Video

For new startups, investing in explainer videos as a marketing tool far much outweighs various marketing techniques. To start with, they are more appealing than texts on websites. Since these videos are interactive and captivating, you are sure and certain that by the time your viewers finish watching them, they will have far much understanding of your products and services. Indeed, words are never enough to get a message across to a prospective customer efficiently. Explainer videos are known to boost a site’s conversion rate. They are also good for driving crazy traffic on a site as well as enabling your site rank high on search engines. However, this is not until they are done right. Therefore, starting entrepreneurs need to continually research on better practices of creating a killer Explainer Videos for their e-commerce stores. Here are some tips to consider when making a perfect explainer video.

1.    Identify the Problem

People start businesses to bridge a gap: A gap here meaning solving a problem. Explainer videos best practices entail identifying a problem which with your products and services is best solved. Use a visual aid to highlight to your audience the problem other than saying it up straight. Let the problem take up to 1/3 of the video after which you creatively set provision for the solution. When your audience identifies with the problem in the first couple of seconds, they are more likely to subscribe to your products and services.

2.    Engage Your Visitors

Make the video exciting if you don’t want to lose your visitors. Your visitors’ concentration span is tremendously short, and a boring video can further worsen this. To make it exciting involve your audience and let them relate to your story. Include excitements from time to time. However, ensure that you don’t overdo it and you will realize positive feedback.

3.    Make a Killer Script

One thing which makes explainer videos so efficient is the fact that visual aid is used to explain concepts. Despite this, your explainer video script has the last say in determining whether the video is a hit or a miss. The script should persuade your customers to subscribe to your products and services. Therefore, your script being top notch is out of the question. Ensure it covers the problems, solution, how the solution is arrived at and most importantly has a call to action. If you are unsure, then don’t shy off to hire an experienced content writer to help you out.

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