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How to Cut Down Production Costs of Animated Explainer Videos: 3 Tips to Follow

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Making animated explainer videos can be quite expensive! Here are 3 tips that will help you cut down the production costs!

The secret to online success is delivering accurate, interesting, and valuable content, as well as, convenience in the forms of explainer videos. Offering your loyal viewers and future buyers with a choice of how and where they want to see the video content depends on what is exactly on their minds.

Animated explainer videos are the best and probably the most effective method of presenting concepts and ideas quickly, especially when it comes to the software development and technology industries. In these industries, some concepts are really difficult to describe and understand. Other business industries such as healthcare and manufacturing are also great candidates for animated explainer videos.

This type of video can vary and it usually depends on several different aspects. If you are interested in making an animated explainer video, you probably are familiar with the process and know exactly how it goes. You also know that making this kind of video can be quite expensive, however, you shouldn’t worry as we are here to help you out!

In this article, we are going to present you 3 tips that will help you cut down the production costs:

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  • Research and discover animation concepts or styles in advance: Knowing exactly what you want to accomplish with the video and who will see your video is really important. You need to determine these things as they will help in reducing the time required for making the video. The video production company will also provide you with different creative directions to narrow down the choice. There are different types of explainer videos: whiteboard animations, motion graphics, 3D character animation, and etc. are videos different in style and you should know that not all styles will work for every type of business. The video production company should offer you a selection of choices. Regardless of the style and concept, you are going to use, we always advice our readers to consult with the video production company first and ensure they have made the right choice.

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  • Help in the development of production assets: There are a few things you can do by yourself, for example, a storyboard puts visuals and photos to the spoken words, so you need to search for websites such as Adobe Stock for photos similar to what you want to accomplish for each scene. You may also consider providing the video production company with graphics you currently own.

So, determine in advance which concepts and styles you like, write the draft of the script and ask of the video production company to edit the script, and create some of the graphics elements by yourself. By doing all of these things, you will cut down production costs for sure!